New Year, New Site

The New Website Is Here!

I’m so excited! So those of you who have followed my work the last few years, you know that I’ve been slowing pushing my Bombshell Sessions, a luxury experience intended to empower women through the medium of photography. It started as just a small passion for wanting to give back to the amazing and beautiful women that have shaped who I am today, starting with my wonderful mother (you can read more about that on my About Page).

I had just started to shape the idea into something real though, when we suddenly found ourselves moving from North Carolina to Florida. It took some work to build the photo business back up in this new location, but I finally feel like I’m at the place where I can really provide the Bombshell Session experience that I’ve been wishing for all these years!

First and foremost, I’ve found some fabulous local makeup and hair professionals to partner with. The women that I work with now are just so on top of their game and are not only amazing at what they do but such a pleasure to work with. Having artist like them that you can count on providing stellar camera-ready hair and makeup consistently is integral to having my clients look and feel their best on the day of their shoot. They make my job easier and help me pamper my clients even more.

I now also have some great locations to shoot. Aside from the studio there are so many interesting places in Gainesville for outdoor shoot locations. We can have fields and flowers or urban wall murals, all within a few miles.

Most importantly, I’ve become more involved with the Gainesville community which is creating opportunities for me to launch a passion project that is related to my Bombshell Sessions in the (hopefully) near future.

Although wedding and family portrait photography are still a regular part of what I provide clients (more details on those services at the regular website), I felt it was time that the Bombshell Sessions get their own website. My mission for this type of photography is slightly different than my other services and it’s definitely a much higher end service than the other two types, so branching off (at least online) was definitely needed.

So here it is! My new Bombshell Session website. Take a look around, let me know what you think, share it with your female friends. I’m really looking forward to offering more of this type of luxury photo experience to women of all types!

Lots of love,


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