Bombshell: Amy

How does the saying go again? What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Well that certainly comes to mind when I think of  Amy. I first met Amy about a year and a half ago and everything she’s had to go through in that short amount of time could easily fill a book about personal growth and discovery.

Basically her whole world had to implode for her to really realize what she wanted/needed out of life and also for her to realize how truly amazing she is inside and out. Her new found confidence and sexiness now just radiates off of her and I LOVE it!

It was for this reason that what was going to be just a modern glamour portrait session turned quickly into a conversation about doing a boudoir shoot as well.

I won’t share all the images from that part of the session, but let’s just say she is STUNNING!

Amy, you are truly a role model for not only your daughter and children in general, but also for women everywhere. Your courage and determination are inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I know we met as client/photographer – but I am so honored to now call you my friend as well.

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