Bombshell: Rebecca

Unfortunately most of us know someone that has been affected by breast cancer. Since October is Breast Cancer Month, I thought it would be the perfect time to share these images of this beautiful and strong survivor, Rebecca.

She came to me after finishing her chemotherapy, wanting to document the awful and painful event that she had to go through, in a way that acknowledged what happened but then also showing that she was now on the other side, more resilient than ever, grateful to be alive, and happy to be done with the worst.

I have to admit that when editing these images of Rebecca I became very emotional. If I could blow them all up billboard size in my studio, I totally would. The look that she has in her eyes say so much. Her poise, her grace, her energy–I am just so in awe of this woman. Her attitude is so inspirational and I’m so lucky that she is a part of my life!

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