Bombshell: Rebecca

Unfortunately most of us know someone that has been affected by breast cancer. Since October is Breast Cancer Month, I thought it would be the perfect time to share these images of this beautiful and strong survivor, Rebecca. She came to me after finishing her chemotherapy, wanting to document the awful and painful event that she had to go through, in a way that acknowledged what happened but then also showing that she was now on the other side, more […]

Bombshell: Amy

How does the saying go again? What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Well that certainly comes to mind when I think of  Amy. I first met Amy about a year and a half ago and everything she’s had to go through in that short amount of time could easily fill a book about personal growth and discovery. Basically her whole world had to implode for her to really realize what she wanted/needed out of life and also for her […]

St. Augustine Bombshell: Leza

I love photographing Leza. She’s not only an amazing and talented woman but she is a blast to be around. Plus, she’s really a natural in front of the camera. For this shoot, Leza was showing off pieces from Cabi’s Spring 2018 collection. The theme was a bit Spanish and a bit Mediterranean, which led us right to downtown St. Augustine as the perfect backdrop. Just about an hour and a half away, St. Augustine is a beautiful mix of history, […]

New Year, New Site

The New Website Is Here! I’m so excited! So those of you who have followed my work the last few years, you know that I’ve been slowing pushing my Bombshell Sessions, a luxury experience intended to empower women through the medium of photography. It started as just a small passion for wanting to give back to the amazing and beautiful women that have shaped who I am today, starting with my wonderful mother (you can read more about that on […]