Bombshell Sessions

Hello Gorgeous!

Sometimes, as a woman, you need friendly reminders that you are strong, that you are smart, that you are beautiful, and that you are an incredible person. Bombshell Sessions are about more than just the final photographs, it’s a unique photographic experience for women looking to treat themselves to something fun, creative and empowering.

What to expect

1. Planning

From the very first planning meeting, Bombshell Sessions are intended to provide a fun and relaxed outlet from the stresses of everyday lives of women, with the intention of creating some beautiful keepsake artwork of yourself. Yes, you do deserve beautiful images of yourself in printed form! Remember, this experience is about celebrating you!

We can schedule as many planning sessions before the shoot to look over outfit options (or to calm nerves). Get as creative as you'd like for this. Dress down for a boudoir session, pick a theme like something vintage, get dolled-up in a beautiful gown, or just shine in some new favorite outfits.

At our first meeting, we'll also go over all of the product options so that you can preplan what type of custom art you'd like to create with your images. 

2. The Photoshoot

In the studio, there’s no judgement, no pressure, just the celebration of who are and your journey in getting there. We’ll take care of camera-ready hair and makeup and will direct each look so that you can focus on having a fabulous time, feeling assured that we’ve been able to create gorgeous fine art images that will last a lifetime.

3. Ordering Your Art

The Bombshell Experience wouldn't be complete without having something printed to show for it. From simple but elegant matted portrait prints, to albums and wall art, every product was hand selected for its quality and beauty. Although some of these images may be intimate, you'll be so excited once you have the printer artwork in hand, you'll want to show them off everywhere! Once your images are ready, we’ll schedule your private image reveal and ordering session. We highly suggest making all of your final order selections during the image reveal, so that you can take advantage of the best pricing. 


Before any portrait session, we’ll get together to plan out what style of shoot you’re looking in. Additionally, we will discuss  what you'd to wear, how you'd like your hair and makeup styled, and go over the portrait product options.


Sessions begin with letting the expert hands of our hair and makeup artists pamper you while you relax, listen to music, nibble on a snack, and get excited about the shoot.


Once you're camera ready, I'll guide you through what to do in front of the camera. It's okay to be nervous at first but trust that I'm only looking to capture your best angles and some genuine laughs. We'll find your comfort zone so that posing seems more natural, because after all, every detail of the experience is personalized to you. 


Once images are ready, you’ll come back in for the image reveal! At this point, you'll also select which images you'd like for your final portrait products so that your images can be enjoyed for years to come. 

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