I’m not comfortable sharing my images online. Is that required?

Sessions are 100% private and images are NEVER shared anywhere without your permission

What’s the difference between Bombshell Sessions and Boudoir?

Boudoir is just one type or style that we can do for a Bombshell Session. For Bombshell Sessions in general, you can decide to dress up or down as much as you want, we can take them in the studio, at your home, or on-location somewhere. Boudoir-style sessions tend to be images taken in lingerie (or less), but can also be anything a little more sultry in nature.

How far in advance should I book?

Most women book 4-6 week in advance, which gives us plenty of time for planning your wardrobe.

I have no idea how to pose, help!

Don't you worry about that, that's part of my job – that is, being an expert at photographing women of all ages and sizes. I'll guide you through every step of the way and will always be looking for your best angles. Your job is to relax, have fun and trust that you are never going to look at yourself in the same way again.

Where do the session take place?

Bombshell Sessions can take place really wherever you'd like! Depending on the style that you are going for, we can shoot in the studio here in Gainesville, FL, at your home, or somewhere outdoors like at Paynes Prairie or around the fun wall murals downtown.

Are hair and makeup included? Can I just do my own?

Every session includes full makeup and then depending on which session fee you choose, it will also include hair styling. Getting your makeup and hair done sets the tone for your session. It gives you time to relax, get to know us better and feel pampered. There's no fee discount or reduction if you do your own makeup so you might as well have a professional do it since they know how to do camera-ready makeup that will truly make you feel and look Bombshell beautiful!

How long will the session take?

This also depends on which session fee you book. The options come with one hour, 90 minutes, and 2 hours of shooting time, plus there's usually about 45min to an hour set aside for hair and makeup.

What is your policy on retouching?

Retouching is included with every session. Having said that, I prefer to have a pretty light hand when it comes to retouching so that images don't take away from the amazing person you are as is. I will tend to soften things or clean up things like blemishes, psoriasis and bruises, but remember you are gorgeous the way you are and we are celebrating that!

When will my photos be ready?

Final images are ready in 2-4 weeks. When they are, we will schedule your private viewing and ordering session. You'll get to enjoy a slideshow of the final images and then we'll get to place your final product orders!

How many images should I expect?

This depends on the session fee as well. One hour shoots should expect 20 images, 90min shoots 30 images, and 2 hour shoots 40 images.

Do you offer payment plans?

A non-refundable deposit of $450 is always due at time of booking but I do offer no-interest payment plans. Products will not be delivered until full payment has been made.

The Bombshell Session experience isn't complete until your beautiful artwork comes home with you.

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